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How many people are on your sales team?

--Our sales team currently has 12 people, and we plan to set up 15 people to build T team management and five team leaders to lead the business

Do you have your own company?

--Yes, we have our own office, address: Room 816, Wuyang City Hotel, No. 322, Middle Renmin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Can your company help me design an advertising brochure?

--yes, can you provide me with some design concepts? Or you can send us some types you like for our reference

Can your designer help me design several styles for my brand?

Can your designer help me design several styles for my brand?

What is your shipping methods?

We use UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT or the shipping agent as your request.

How long will it take to ship to my country?

For international shipping, it depends on the product quantity and delivery address. For a specific estimate, please provide these details so that I can quote the most cost-effective option.

How many departments does your company have?

--We have 10 departments: Management Department, Marketing Department, Finance Department, Product Department, Administrative Personnel Department, Documentary Department, R&D Department, Quality Inspection Department, Operation Department, IT Department

Does your company do Alibaba International Station?

--yes, our website is www.zohoglasses.com our alibaba website is:eyeplayer.en.alibaba.com

Which countries has your company served customers?

--Southeast Asia: Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan account for 60% and other countries about 40% --Middle East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Iran, Morocco account for 60%, other countries about 40% --India: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai 60%, other countries about 40% -- European and American countries are developing

May i visit your factory?

Sure, welcome any time. We can also pick you up at airport and station.

Could i use my own LOGO or design on goods?

Could i use my own LOGO or design on goods?

What material are these sunglasses made of?

--We can do all styles provided by general customers

What materials are the lenses of sunglasses made of?

--Sunglasses lenses are divided into: 1, PC sheet 2, glass sheet 3, resin sheet 4, nylon sheet (optical grade memory nylon sheet TR-90) 5. AC film 6, polarizer 7, eccentric film 8, color-changing film

What lenses are there in reading glasses?

--The lenses have ordinary white lenses, anti-blue lenses, anti-blue lenses are conventionally coated with blue film, and some customers require green coating; the lens materials are all AC