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Eyeglasses frames category

From: Zohoglasses company
publisher: jackhu
Time: 2019-05-03
Summary: Eyeglasses optical frames' category include: Full frame, Nylon frame, No frame, Combination frame, Folding frame, Half frame, Eyebrow rack,etc.
1. Full frame: It is the most commonly used type of lens frame. It is characterized by firmness, easy to set, and can cover up part of the lens thickness.

2. Nylon frame: A very fine nylon wire is used as part of the frame edge. The lower edge of the lens is ground flat by special grinding. There is a narrow groove in the lower edge, which makes the nylon wire embedded in the groove and forms a pattern without a bottom frame. Therefore, the weight is very light, giving people a sense of lightness and ingenuity, and also more solid.

3. No frame: This kind of frame has no ring, only metal nose and foot. The lens is tightly connected with the nose and foot by screw, and usually needs to punch holes in the lens. Frameless frames are lighter and more chic than ordinary frames, but their strength is slightly worse.

4. Combination frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame, one of which can be turned upside down, usually for indoor and outdoor use.

5. Folding frame: The frame can be folded into four folds or six folds, mostly reading glasses.

6. Half frame frame frame: Half frame is made of a very thin nylon silk as part of the frame edge, characterized by light weight, giving people a sense of lightness and chic, but also more solid.

7. Eyebrow rack: eyebrow rack is similar to half frame frame frame. The upper half frame has only a loop wire similar to eyebrow. It uses a very thin nylon silk as the lower part of the frame edge. The style is fashionable.

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