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Spectacle eyeglasses frames cleaning and maintenance

From: Zohoglasses company
publisher: jackhu
Time: 2019-05-23
Summary: Regular cleaning and maintenanceof the eyewear frames can prolong the service life of spectacle frames.

Eyeglasses frames Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Ultrasound cleaning, by vibration to remove the dirt inside, the general eyewear shop has this service, is basically free.

2. When the groove of full frame spectacle frame lens card is dirty, you can turn the screw on yourself and wipe the lens off with a paper towel.

3. If the screw is loose, please take it to the optician's shop and tighten it in time, otherwise the lenses will easily fall to the ground and break. Don't deal with it at will.

4. Cosmetics or cosmetics with chemical components, such as cosmetics or cosmetic agents, can easily fade the frame. Please wipe it with special cloth or paper for glasses.

5. Most glasses are first lightly folded from the left foot. If they are first folded from the right, the frame itself will be unbalanced and skewed, which will make you uncomfortable after wearing them.

6. In order to give full play to the correct function of glasses, the optical center of lenses should be located in the right position for your eyes.

7. Wearing glasses with one hand can easily deform the frame. If the frame is changed, the local glasses master should be asked to adjust the angle, not self-adjust, in order to avoid breaking the lens and damaging the frame.

8. Don't put it in the place where the sun is easy to shine for a long time, because the frame is easy to fade under light and pyrolysis. Especially the panel frame, please don't put it on the dashboard of the car.

9. Dry them with a special cloth for glasses. Don't touch hard objects, don't wipe the test lens with your fingers, please wipe the lens with a clean lens cloth to reduce lens wear.

10. Don't lower the convex side of the lens. If not, try to put them in the eye box. If you don't wear glasses, please wrap them with a lens cloth and put them in the eye box to avoid damage.

11. Please put the baby beside you at rest.

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